Update: 02.02.2024


VÖ Datum Band Album Single Sampler Link
XX.XX.2024 Makeena Out Of Ashes      
XX.XX.2024 Despondency Matriphagy      
2024-04-19 Maere ...And the Universe keeps Silent      
2024-02-26 Morvigor De Spiegel      
2024-02-02 Dodenbezweerder Als De Hemel Zich Vult Met Apocalyptisch Kopergeschal      
2024-01-27 Pandora's Key Yet I Remain      
2024-01-26 Zorrows   Dorfkind -Version 2024    
2024-01-24 Burning/Sad Iron Back To Back     YouTube Sad Iron
2024-01-20 Sad Iron   Words & Beyond   YouTube
2024-01-20 Burning   Exsurge Domine   YouTube
2024-01-19 Bildtstar   Burning After Midnight   YouTube
2024-01-17 Counter-Sound   Hekel Aan Mijn Buren    
2024-01-15 Maere   Think Of Me As Fire   YouTube
2024-01-15 Serotonia Choices      
2024-01-12 Dodenkrocht The Ancient Death 2007 - 2012 Unreleased Demo Tracks     Bandcamp
2024-01-12 Sea of Consciousness Sea of Consciousness      
2024-01-11 Roncrete   Dead But Still Alive   YouTube
2024-01-09 The Creatures From The Tomb   Opera House Horror   YouTube
2024-01-01 Redestruction   St. Booze!   Linkfire
2023-12-30 Craving   Prayer for the Rain   YouTube
2023-12-27 Makeena   Broken and Destroyed   YouTube
2023-12-27 Eleanore     Stop War In Ukraine! (open Charity Compilation) Bandcamp
2023-12-25 Serotonia   Vices    
2023-12-24 Majanko   Planet Blau   YouTube
2023-12-23 Virginia Value / Mercurio   Cryin Eagles Christmas Song   Soundcloud
2023-12-23 Epistulum   Bittersweet   Bandcamp
2023-12-23 Eleanore   Dunkirk   Bandcamp
2023-12-22 Pandora's Key   Falls the Shadow   YouTube
2023-12-20 Loyalty Ends Here   Deadweight   YouTube
2023-12-20 LIES!   Resurrect + World Inferno   YouTube
2023-12-20 Counter-Sound   Echo   YouTube
2023-12-19 Recyled Treasures   Bigmouth Strikes Again (The Smith Cover)   YouTube
2023-12-18 Madelyn's Gun   Oh You Move   YouTube
2023-12-18 95 Bands     Punk Rock against War vol.4 Bandcamp
2023-12-17 Fuse   Ampire   YouTube
2023-12-17 Blaffer   Christmas bells (dont ring for me)   YouTube
2023-12-15 Restructive   Stars   YouTube
2023-12-15 Jini Animate     Bandcamp
2023-12-15 Green Policy   Hollow    
2023-12-15 Eleanore Demotape     Bandcamp
2023-12-12 Sea of Consciousness   From the Ashes   YouTube
2023-12-08 LIES! Mind Pollution     Bandcamp
2023-12-03 Restless   Hjoed as Juster   YouTube
2023-12-02 M.H.'s Psychedelic Ground Mysterious Suite     Soundcloud
2023-11-29 FRIES 'N ROCK   Rot, die Farbe der Liebe....und des Festes   facebook
2023-11-20 Ylisia Underneath     YouTube
2023-11-17 CAPTAIN PIFF and the FIRST MATES   Serotonin   YouTube
2023-09-29 CMDR RIKR A Future Imperfekt     Bandcamp
2023-07-23 Dodenkrocht Flesh Tones     Bandcamp
2023-04-11 Sascha und die Heringe   Heringsalarm   YouTube
2022-03-12 Knochentrocken   Primitiv   YouTube
2019-11-01 Nafearya   The Butcher's House   YouTube