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Vomiting Corpses 1988-1995, 2007-jetzt Emden

Vomiting Corpses


Vocals Bass: Juzz  
Guitars: Frank Spinka  
Guitars: Finkeisen  
Drums: Nolte  
Bass: Michael Dormann  
Drums: Heiner Saliger  
Guitars: Carsten Kleen  
Guitars: Ali Loy  
Vocals Guitars: Tom Zorn  


(Nolte) „Negator“2011-jetzt , „Soulsgate“ 2006-?, „Anguished“, „In the Name of Nothing“ 2012-2013, „Ophis“ 2001-2002, 2003-2006, “Black Elegy“
(Spinka) „Fearer“ 1995-1997, „Silent Terror“ "Almighurt" 1991
(Kleen) “Morsgatt“ 2000-jrtzt, „Satan´s Blood“, „Fearer“ 1995-2006
(Sailiger) „Anasarca“ 1995-1997, "Almighurt" 1991
(Dormann) „Anasarca“ 1995-jetzt, "Almighurt" 1991
(Zorn)“Morsgatt“ 2000-jetzt, Satan´s Blood“, „Weak Aside“ 2006-jetzt, „Fearer“ 1995-2006, „Spearhead
(Ali) „Meatknife“, „Truth of Blood“, “Deformed“ 1995 ,“Eastfriesian Terror“ 2012-jetzt, "Almighurt" 1991


The Call Demo 1991


01.     Disgusting Life
02.     Screaming Spirits
03.     The Call
04.     Outro

Cold Blood Demo 1994


01.     Kingdom of the Blind
02.     Screaming Spirits
03.     When Doves Cry
04.     Causes of Misery
05.     Cold Blood
06.     Operation Desertstorm
07.     ICE-AGE of the Common Sense
08.     Exhausted Will to Live

Coma: The Spheres of Innocence 1995


01. Kingdom of the Blind
02. Dogmas Ignored
03. Banished from Remembrance
04. Ice-Age of the Common Sense
05. Coma...
06. Cold Blood
07. When Doves Cry
08. Si Vis Pacem
09. Island of Sorrow




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