Nr. Tonträger Jahr Art
S1 Black Night 1970 Single
S2 Concerto For Group And Orchestra 1970 Live
S3 Strange Kind Of Woman 1971 Single
S4 When A Blind Man Cries 1972 Single
S5 Perfekt Strangers 1984 CD
S6 The Anthology 1985 Best Of
S7 Fire, Ice And Dynamite 1990 Sound Track
S8 Love Conquers All 1990 Maxi
S9 Gimini Suite 1993 Live
S10 Fireball Over Madrid 1994 Live
S11 In Rock 1995 Remastered
S12 Fireball 1996 Remastered
S13 Purpendicular 1996 Japan CD
S14 Machine Head 1997 Remastered
S15 1420 Beachwood Drive 2000 Rehearsale
S16 Days May Come And Days May Go 2000 Rehearsale
S17 Deep Purple 2000 Remastered
S18 Shades Of Deep Purple 2000 Remastered
S19 The Book Of Taliesyn 2000 Remastered
S20 Who Do We Think We Are 2000 Remastered
S21 Rapture Of The Deep 2006 Tour Edition
S22 Perfekt Strangers 1984 Single