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Update: 26.01.2020

ELA 2008 – Jetzt Deutschland, Karlsruhe Baden-Württemberg

Hard Rock

einst Com ´n Rail




Vocals: Michaela „Ela“ Eichhorn 2008-jetzt
Drums: Jörg Cassel 2008-2009
Gitarre: Dethy Borchard 2008-2015
Keyboards: Axel Mackenrott 2008–2010 2016-jetzt
Bass: Carsten Meyer 2008 ?
Bass: Markus Brinkmann 2013-2014
Keyboards: Jan Christian Halfbrodt 2013-2015
Gitarre: Steve Grant 2015
Drums: Manuel Stahl 2015
Keyboards: Corvin Bahn 2015
Bass: Chris Kolb 2015-2017
Gitarre: Ralf Stoney 2016-jetzt
Drums: Micha Kasper 2016-2018
Backing Vocals: Roland "Bobbes" Seidel 2016-jetzt
Keyboards: Quentin Compson 2016-jetzt
Drums: Matthias Coconcelli 2018-2020
Bass: Marco Tardanico 2017-2020
Bass: Martin Albrecht 2020
Aushilfe &
Drums: Michael Wolpers 2009-2014
Drums: Eddie Phillip 2009-2014
Drums: Kolb 2009-2014
Backing Vocals: Dave Esser 2009-2014
Vocals: Fabian Harloff 2013
Gitarre: Jürgen Blackmore 2015




(Grant) „Top Secret“ „Sweet“ 1996–2011, „Barockestra“ 2010 „Barrock“ 2013-2014, „The Animals“ 1983, 2013-2014, „Woolpackers“ 1997, „Alvin Lee“1992-1996, „Alan Price Band“ 1986,1995, „Eric Burdon“ 1982-1985


(Blackmore) „Iron Angel“ 1986, „Straight“, „J.R. Blackmore’s Superstition“, „ J.R. Blackmore Group“, „Over The Rainbow“ 2008 „EBC RACING TEAM“ 2010, „J.R. Blackmore’s & Friends“ gast bei King Kurlee“


(Ela) „Com´n Rail“, „ Jürgen Blackmore's Voices“, „EBCROXX Projekt“


(Borchard) „Second Century“ 1982, „Stormraider“ 1984, „Lovehunter“ 1985-1987, „Valhalla“ 1987-1993, „Ratpack“ 1996-jetzt


(Mackenrott) „Masterplan“ 2004-jetzt, gast bei „Gamma Ray“ 2003, „Megadeth“ 2007, „Beautiful Sin“ 2006


(Stoney) “Stormwitch”, „Fireleaf“, „Voices Of Insanity“, „UNFROYND“, „Jolly Roger“, „Hardattack“, „In Punkto“, „Lyon“, „Graffity“, „Jackie Wulf“


(Kasper) “Stormwitch”, „Fireleaf“


(Halfbrodt) “Mob Rules” 2012-jetzt “Experience X” 2005


(Eichhorn) „EBC RACING TEAM“ 2010


(Esser) “Solo” 1993, “Schattenspieler” 2001-2013 “Solo” 2014


(Schoy) “Suit Yourself “, “Blue Man Group”, “Queen Musical”, “Sister Act”, “Tarzan” und viel,viel mehr.


(Wolpers) “Carlini”, “Herman Frank Band”, “Roterfeld”, “Treibhaus”, “Dodoleo”, “Dan Crow”, “Kensington Road”, “Soul Doctor”, “King Curry”, “Glow”, “Guano Apes”, “Such a Surge”, “Jailbait”, “Sonnit”, “Missing Link”, “Mister Naughty”, “Piranha Smile”, “Summerfield”, “It takes president”, “Superfly 69”, “Rockmusical”, “LAW”, “Carlini”, “Nikki Puppet”, “Native Instruments” und viel,viel mehr.


(Seidel) “Daydream” 2005-2007, “Kashmyr”, “Lazzer” 1993, “Wasteland” 1990-2002, “Ihresgleichen” 2008-jetzt, “Kaminari” 2001-2006


(Kolb) “Dr. Rock Inc”, “'Bandit” “Valiant”


(Bahn) “Crystal Breed”, “Uli Jon Roth”, “Kamelot”, “Gamma Ray”, “Lord Of The Lost”, “Epica”, “U.D.O”, “Peter Panka’s Jane”, “Mob Rules”, “Bremer Musical Company”, “Paul Gilbert”, “Robbie Krieger”, “Doro Pesch”, “Michael Angelo Batio”, “Steve Vai”, “Steve Morse”, “Gus G.”, “Doug Aldrich”, “Marty Friedman”, “Axel Rudi Pell”, “Kee Marcello”


(Brinkmann) “Mob Rules” 2005-jetzt


(MeyerC) “Crystal Shark” 2002-2004, “Jutta Weinhold” 2012, “Zed Yago”


(Cassel) “Dezibel Zero”, “Zed Yago”



Passion 06.06.2008



01. Good
02. Little lies
03. Out of time
04. Why can’t I
05. After the rain
06. Bleed
07. Who’ll stop the rain
08. It’s over
09. The sun will shine again
10. When you’re done
11. Make my day
12. I want you to want me

Out Of Time 17.10.2008



01. Out Of Time (New Version)
02. Mad About Your Love
03. Queen Of The Deep
04. Dynamite
05. Out Of Time (Instrumental Version)
06. Tears Of Dragon (Bonus Track by J.R. Blackmore)

Make My Day 15.05.2009



01 .Mad About Your Love
02. Who (won’t You Tell Me)
03. When Love’s Gone
04. Dynamite
05. Love
06. Queen Of The Deep
07. I Don’t Mind
08. Rise To Fall
09. One Wish
10. Here To Stay
11. Right For The Devil
12. Make My Day
13. Sweetness
14. Out Of Time

EBC Roxx -       EBC Winners 17.09.2010



01. Rolling
02. Fly
03. Red Dirt Devils
04. Drivin Song Let's Rock
05. Big Livin
06. Last Dance
07. Drivin Song let's Go
08. Silver Arrows
09. Winners
10. Winners Party Mix
11. Silver Arrows Stomp Mix
12. Out Of Time (Bonus Song)

This Time Sister 08.07.2011



01. This Time Sister

Nervous Breakdown 20.02.2015



01. King Of Lies
02. In Nomine Patris
03. The Hole Inside Of Me
04. Devil Made Of Chees
05. WHY
06. Rock N Roll Hereos
07. IT`S A SIn
08. The Flame Still Burns
09. Mr. Mayham
10. Zombie Invasion
11. Little Lies 

   + Bonus Tracks
        Inner Light
        Cum On Feel The Noise
        Gudbuy T Jane

Out Of This World 15.04.2016



01. Zombie Attack Again (Zombie Invasion Part II)
02. Blackest One
03. This Kaleidoscope
04. Another World

Second Reality



01. Alchemy
02. Comatose
03. House Of Lords
04. Revenge
05. Black Roses
06. Deadly Sins
07. Witch Of Salem
08. Psycho Path
10. Warcraft
11. Welcome To Zombieland
12. Lizzy Borden's Rhyme



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