Antares 1977 – 1984 / 1998 - 2003 / 2017 Ostfriesland/Oldenburg/Bremen



Vocals, Gitarre Keyboards: Claus Neide 1977-1984 1998 2017
Drums: Axel Cornelius 1977-1980
Gitarre: Bernd Menssen 1977-1980
Gitarre Bass: Ludwig Eilers 1977-1984
Drums: Helge Bühlow 1977-1984
Keyboards: Till Barmeyer 1982
Gitarre: Jens Fricke 1998
Drums: Khalid Schröder 1998
Saxofon: Rainer Schöning 1998
Bass: Ede Brumund-Rüther 1998




Over The Hills 1982



A1     Opening
A2     Back On My Mind
A3     Jumping All Day
A4     Bound

B1     Over The Hills
B2     Elegy
B3     Chase
B4     The Only Way

Out Of Sight 1998



Radio Mix

01. Stay Away
02. Closer
03. Lost In You
04. Wasting It All
05. Time Goes By
06. Free Again
07. You Know

Playback Mix

08. Stay
09. Close
10. Lost
11. Wasting
12. Time
13. Free
14. You

Reaktionen auf "Out Of Sight" schrieb am 02.06.2002 über "Out Of Sight" / "Over The Hills"

First a question - do you miss Genesis? Not the classic Genesis of the 70s, of course (we all do), but the more pop-oriented Genesis of 80s (mainly pre-Invisible Touch)?... hier geht es weiter


Over The Hills:

Out Of Sight:



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