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Update: 09.08.2023

Sacred Steel, Ludwigsburg, Germany


    Variety of Arts      
    Bernhard Altmann Bass (1990-1994)    
    Frank Zube Drums (1990-1994)    
    Sven Podgurski Guitars (1990-1994)    
    Jörg M. Knittel Guitars (1990-1994)    
    Gerrit P. Mutz Vocals (1990-1994)    
    Dawn Of Winter      
    Joachim "Bolle" Schmalzried Bass (1992-jetzt)    
    Oliver Christian Schramm Drums (1991-1993)    
    Dennis Schediwy Drums (1993-jetzt)    
    Jörg M. Knittel Guitars (1992-jetzt)    
    Gerrit P. Mutz Guitars (1991-1992)    
    Gerrit P. Mutz Vocals (1992-jetzt)    
    Tragedy Divine      
    Bernhard Altmann Bass (1994-1997)    
    Frank Zube Drums (1994-1997)    
    Sven Podgurski Guitars (1994-1997)    
    Jörg M. Knittel Guitars (1994-1996)    
    Gerrit P. Mutz Vocals (1994-1996)    
Sacred Steel       Spiral Tower  
Gerrit Mutz Vocals (1996–jetzt)     Alex Koch Vocals (1997-2003) ???
Mathias Straub Drums (1996–jetzt)     Bernhard Altmann Bass, Backing Vocals (1997-2004)
Jonas Khalil Guitars (2005–jetzt)     Frank Zube Drums (1997-2004)
Toni Ieva Bass (2023–jetzt)     Sven Podgurski Guitars (1997-2004)
Jörn Langenfeld Guitars (2023–jetzt)     Andreas "Andi" Konstandaras Guitars (1997-2004)
Ex:       Connie "Connor" Andreszka Vocals (2003-2004)
Oliver Großhans Guitars (1996–2005)        
Jörg M. Knittel Guitars (1996–2005)        
Jens Sonnenberg Bass, Guitars (1997–2022)        
Patrick Schmidt Bass (1997)        
Kai Schindelar Bass (2005–2022)        




Reborn In Steel Vinyl DR026 17.11.1997



A 3:58  Metal Reigns Supreme
A 4:45  Battle Angel
A 3:25  Trapped in Hell
A 3:43  True Force of Iron Glory
A 4:42  Reborn in Steel
B 4:20  Purified by Pain
B 7:35  Sword of the King
B 3:09  In the Mouth of Madness
B 3:35  Kill the Deceiver
B 5:14  Sacred Steel


Wargods Of Metal Vinyl 3984-14196-1 1998



A 0:43  Blessed By The Gods
A 3:56  Wargods Of Metal
A 3:43  Tonight The Witches Ride
A 3:52  Iron Legions
A 4:08  Carnage Rules The Fields Of Death
A 3:18  Army Of Metalheads
A 3:16  Battle Cry
B 6:23  Dethrone The Tyrant King
B 3:24  By Steel We Rule
B 3:12  Crusaders Of The Metal Blade
B 3:57  Empire Of Steel
B 0:55  Declaration Of War
B 4:11  Heavy Metal To The End


Bloodlust Vinyl SPV 008-102991 20.07.2000



A 4:17  Stormhammer
A 4:05  The Oath of Blood
A 3:47  By the Wrath of the Unborn
A 5:06  Blood On My Steel
A 3:05  Metal is War
A 4:06  Journey To The Dity Of The Dreaming Dead
B 5:12  Sacred Warriors of Steel
B 3:47  Dark Forces Lead Me to the Brimstone Gate
B 6:15  Master of Thy Fate
B 3:53  Lust for Blood
B 4:17  Throne of Metal


Slaughter Prophecy Vinyl MAS LP0307 02.2002



A 0:14 The Immortal Curse
A 3:32 Slaughter Prophecy
A 3:39 Sacred Bloody Steel
A 3:58 The Rites Of Sacrifice
A 4:45 Raise The Metal Fist
A 3:11 Pagan Heart
A 4:03 Faces Of The Antichrist
B 5:46 Lay Me To My Grave
B 3:31 Crush The Huly, Save The Damned
B 3:51 Let The Witches Burn
B 9:16 Invocation Of The Nameless Ones


Iron Blessings Vinyl MAS LP0422 19.07.2004



A 4:57 Open Wide The Gates
A 3:59 Your Darkest Saviour
A 3:55 Screams Of The Tortured
A 3:41 At The Sabbath Of The Possessed (The Witches Ride Again)
A 5:07 Beneath The Iron Hand
A 3:38 Anointed By Bloodshed
B 4:52 Victory Of Black Steel
B 4:13 I Am The Conqueror (Come And Worship Me)
B 4:02 Crucified In Heaven
B 6:38 The Chains Of The Nazarene
B 3:16 We Die Fighting


Live Blessings CD/DVD 01.2006



01. 02:00 Blessed by the Gods (Intro)
02. 04:50 Open Wide the Gate
03. 03:55 Tonight the Witches Ride
04. 05:12 Battle Angel
05. 04:17 Faces of the Antichrist
06. 05:16 Victory of Black Steel
07. 05:10 Carnage Rules the Fields of Death
08. 04:33 The Rites of Sacrifice
09. 05:00 Dark Forces Lead Me to the Brimstone Gate
10. 03:28 Sword of the King
11. 04:33 Stormhammer
12. 03:34 Metal Is War
13. 06:22 Master of Thy Fate
14. 04:30 True Force of Iron Glory
15. 05:13 Sacred Bloody Steel
16. 03:49 We Die Fighting
17. 05:51 Blood on My Steel
18. 05:09 Heavy Metal to the End
19. 04:46 Slaughter Prophecy
20. 03:41 Battle Cry (Omen cover)
21. 06:18 Wargods of Metal


Hammer Of Destruction Vinyl PSRLP 002 20.04.2008



A 4:11 Hammer Of Destruction
A 4:32 Where Demons Dare To Tread
A 3:27 Maniacs Of Speed
A 3:37 Blood And Thunder
A 5:48 Impaled By Metal
B 1:14 Descent Of A Lost Soul
B 8:52 Black Church
B 3:14 Generally Hostile
B 3:55 Plague Of Terror
B 4:53 Sword And Axes
B 4:28 The Torch Of Sin


Carnage Victory Vinyl MDD 040 2009



A 3:45 Charge Into Overkill
A 3:48 Don´t Break The Oath
A 5:55 Carnage Victory
A 5:46 Brocken Rites
A 4:55 Crosses Stained With Blood
B 5:04 Ceremonial Magician Of The Left Hand Path
B 5:33 The Skeleton Key
B 1:33 Shadows Of Reprisal
B 5:23 Denial Of Judas (Heaven Betrayed)
B 4:22 Metal Underground
B 5:16 By Vengeance And Hatred We Ride


The Bloodshed Summoning Vinyl CRUZ511 16.02.2013



A 3:09 Storm Of Fire 1916
A 4:48 No God / No Religion
A 4:22 When The Siren Calls
A 5:56 The Darkness Of Angels
A 5:40 The Blodshed Summoning
B 2:26 Under The Banner Of Blasphemy
B 4:12 Black Towers
B 5:41 Crypts Of The Fallen
B 4:01 The Night They Came To Kill
B 0:17 Join The Congregation
B 7:30 Journey Into Purgatory
B 0:56 Doomed To Eternal Hell